James Luria
Founder & Co-CEO
James is a content guy, first and foremost. He likes to think about how to make digital experiences work for their audiences – how to engage users immediately, earn their attention and trust, and make it very clear from the first glance what they should do next and why they should care.

Having developed content platforms and the content that feeds them for almost every content category conceivable, from news to food, and documentary films to fashion, James understands that while the methods and modes of creation and distribution may change, the foundations of effective, satisfying content are always the same: a point of view, style, an identity that's distinct and rewarding.

Passion is essential to make inspired products. Stuff James is passionate about includes: cooking and eating, literature, movies, good writing wherever it appears, design that works, social justice, the environment to name a few. He also likes to craft systems and teams that work so that creative people can do great work.

Details: James graduated with a degree in comparative literature from Columbia University in the (great) City of New York, where he was born and bred. In his spare time he writes all kinds of things, and lives in Brooklyn with his domestic partner, Amy Ellenbogen, and their two children.