Building a Nationwide Happening

Client: Levi's / Doug Aitken
Project: Station to Station

Levis wanted to deliver their brand message –
Pioneer the Modern Frontier – to the “creative class,” an audience defined as millennials having an association or affinity with the arts, and/or working in creative fields.

Artist Doug Aitken had a bold vision for a public art project on a train – a month-long happening based on constant motion and flux that would commingle different sectors of culture – music, art, cinema, literature, food – in an ever changing environment that moved across the United States.

This became Station to Station.

We realized Station to Station as a massive
engine for audience engagement and communication.

On the ground, events were produced as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr ready experiences – highly visual, participatory, surprising and momentary – to instigate vast social media content creation.

Our booking and invitation approach leveraged artists, press, and attendees with meaningful social followings to ignite online audiences.

On the train, we created exclusive content for distribution to media partners – ensuring further audience reach.

We found the train cars, plotted the route, secured the venues, got the insurance, booked over 75 contributing artists and musicians, and made the happenings happen.

We built a content production and amplification team that worked on location and remotely to ensure high-quality pictures; original words and video were created and distributed far and wide.

We established media and marketing partnerships to gain further content distribution and market penetration.

We built a digital footprint that encouraged event attendees and the online audience to participate, contribute and share.


200M Digital Audience Reach

30,000+ Pieces of Content

175+ National Press Clips

Media Partnerships
flash art

Cultural Marketing Partnerships
Carnegie Museum of Art
MCA Chicago
Walker Art Center
SITE Santa Fe