The Practice of Superlative Agency


[ey-juh n-see]


1. the capacity, condition, or state of acting

2. person or thing through which power is exerted or an end is achieved

3. a means or instrument by which a guiding intelligence achieves a result


Hello (again).

To mark our 10th anniversary in business, and to signify our growth and future, we have changed our name to Superlative.

We chose the name as a north star, as a reminder, and as a bar – albeit a high one – for the work we do on behalf of our clients.  

Under this somewhat lofty new banner, we will continue on our mission to bring ingenuity, a tireless work ethic, and critical thought to each and every level of engagement in order to propel our clients to brighter futures.  We view our work as equal parts unbiased analysis, goal-driven creativity and responsible, high-quality execution.

We would also like to re-welcome Melanie Pitson to the team.   We have been working with Melanie for the past few years, it’s been an awesome run, and we’ve found a kindred spirit – another creator with experience, a dogged eye for detail, and the intellectual discipline to help clients reach greater heights.  

As we re-begin our new future, we wanted to share a fun list of some companies who have also changed their name:

  1.    Quantum Computer Services >> AOL
  2.    BackRub >> Google
  3.    Sound of Music >> Best Buy
  4.    Research in Motion >> Blackberry
  5.    Brad’s Drink >> Pepsi Cola

For a longer list of surprising name changes, check out this CNBC article:

19 famous companies that originally had different names